Theatre Rentals

Through Kean University Conference & Event Services







Wilkins Theatre

Seating capacity is 915. Most distant seat to stage is at 75 in. Access steps from house to stage over pit left and right with notice. Full house act curtain, draw only. Heating and AC. 

Load In


Door is 9' 9" high x 5' 5" wide.

Loading door is located at rear of the stage at floor level (ramp needed). Only one 45' truck can load in at a time. Approach is off campus parking lot. Stage manager off stage left or right, or in booth semi-thrust, curved apron stage. Black walls on stage. Proscenium 19' high x 40' wide x 35' deep. 60' wide without legs. Floor is Masonite over plywood on pads; it's in good condition. Nails and screws ok. No holes or stage screws. NO traps, NO FLY SYSTEM.


Orchestra Pit


Room for 16-20 musicians.

Access of stage left, down circular stairway. No lift. Pit is below stage level, 6' below house level. Outlets, music stands, stand lights, and conductor's podium. 




















Power & Hook-Up


State electrician required. Two weeks notice requred. Two road boxes off stage right. 200 and 300 amps/leg, 3 phase, 4 wire + ground.



Lighting System


Space for touring system - stage right. House system - ETC Expression 3.184 Colortran dimmers. Board is located in booth at rear of house or off stage right.



Sound System


Space for touring system - center of house. Soundcraft 24 Channel Board Behringer Eurodesk 24 channel (not currently used). Center cluster is sterreo Yamaha F-1000030 3-way crossover, EV TL606DW Bass, EV DH1A mid, EV HP 9040 horn, Radio Shack 40-1228A hi. Yamaha P1000 & P2000 amps Monitors are EV FM 1202 wedges, Yamaha amps Open Booth, back of house.